Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Wow - Who Wrote That?

I had the privilege of attending a ~55 year-old + dance club a few weeks ago with my two friends as they start to research bands for their wedding.  The band was great but we did not anticipate the location. At all.

That aside, if you think you have been an audience to the best people-watching-venue, take a back seat. 


G and Liz get Engaged

Giuseppe Colato and Liz Lee Engagement

Giuseppe and Liz got engaged at her birthday dinner on November 21st, 2013! Dinner was nice at Mimi's Cafe', their waitress (and videographer) Hailey was fantastic, and their evening was very good all around.

After dessert G popped the question on one knee, and as Liz said "of course" her tears of joy were in full throttle mode!


They Call Me Berk

Hi, I'm Laura Berkobin--Berk to those closest to me. I was born and raised in Georgia… I will not say Atlanta because I grew up in Canton.


Flava Flav's New Restaurant Chain

Flava FlavRapper, and now reality TV star Flavor Flav is bringing his flavor to chicken in Iowa.

"Flav's Fried Chicken" opens Today in Clinton, Iowa. Flav has been there preparing for the launch and told the Clinton Herald he'll visit often for promotions and even work the fryer. Flav does have a culinary degree and prior restaurant experience.

Flavor Flav, whose real name is William Drayton Jr., co-founded the hip-hop group Public Enemy in the 1980s. He found fame anew in 2004 on the third season of VH1's "The Surreal Life." He also starred in the network's "Flavor of Love."


Bon Jovi back in Atlanta for concert and business

Jon Bon JoviOn May 13th, 2011, Jon Bon Jovi was sitting in a circle with about a dozen youth gathered in a small room at the Goodwill Career Center on Buford Highway.

Bon Jovi came to Atlanta, Georgia a day before his band’s scheduled performance at Philips Arena as part of his involvement with the White House Council for Community Solutions. The 25-member group was formed in December by President Obama to identify and address community needs.

Along with fellow council member Michael Kempner, CEO of the New Jersey-based public affairs and public relations firm MWW Group, Bon Jovi, a longtime philanthropist and creator of the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, has embarked on a series of listening sessions with youths from community-based organizations.

“We get to amplify their voices,” said Kempner.

Jon Bon Jovi has many business interests in Atlanta, Georgia, including becomming a partner in the Atlanta Falcons NFL football team.


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