Thursday, November 26, 2015

BannerThe Miami Heat got off to a slow start during Game 7 of the Eastern Finals against the Boston Celtics tonight on their way to a 101-88 victory. But, by the time they came out of halftime, the Heat kept the game even with both teams swapping the lead numerous times during the third period. The forth period had the crowd at The Miami Arena "the loudest it's ever been" according to the ESPN TV Crew. This apparently helped the Miami Heat get in serious crunch-time mode. Their offensesive plays brought points with most of their shots, and their defensive efforts were tremendous with their shot-blocking extraordinaires. Every single player that played tonight on the Miami Heat had something directly to do with this win. It's almost as if the Heat individuals took turns dominating the Boston Celtics individually. There were suprisingly few offensive passes on plays, players each took matters into their own hands. Chris Bosh was a complete beast on defense and rebounds, to the point Kevin Garnet didn't know what to do with him. On offense Chris Bosh sunk a few key three-pointers that ignited the Miami Heat crowd into a nonstop frenzy that got louder and louder with each and every minute. Lebron James had another good game while looking dominant, focused and determined.

Mr. Wade-County himself-@DwyaneWade refused Boston on both ends of the court, and was key in drawing heavy coverage all night long so all of his Heat team-mates on the court could basically have their way with Boston in the fourth period. Once Miami took a five point lead late in the forth with the crowd at NASA Rocketlaunch sound levels, it was Miami stretching and stretching the lead with each minute that passed. With eight minutes left in the game you knew it was over for Boston--Miami was in THE zone while they delivered a cripling death blow to Boston's hopes of a victory.

Miami Heat Big Three 

Congratulations Miami Heat! Please remember last year, how The Dallas Mavericks beat you for the Title. Use that information to fuel you to a quick and easy Championship Victory over The Oklahoma City Thunder starting next Tuesday night while you collect another Championship Banner.

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